The Experience of Visiting

How do you choose & cut a Christmas Tree at the TreeLand?

  • We provide the handsaws

  • You choose and cut the tree you want (We can help if needed)

  • Bring the tree to the barn where we use a shaker to shake out the old dead needles

  • We then pull the tree though a netting machine so it is easy to transport and get into your home

  • The tree is tied on top of your car, in your trunk or put in the bed of your pickup truck

  • We recommend that you cut off 1" of the tree trunk when you get it home just prior to setting in you stand. This will increase the freshness time of your tree by allowing it to drink more water. Be sure to keep your tree stand full of water and do not allow the stand to go dry.


You will have a great experience at the TreeLand with a good chance to see wildlife, especially turkey and deer.

A campfire will be burning to provide warmth on the cold winter days and also an opportunity to roast marshmallows over the campfire while we shake and bale your tree and prepare your tree for the trip back home. Hot spiced cider, hot chocolate and cookies are all provided for FREE.

Real Christmas Trees are environmentally friendly: - Versus the artificial trees which take energy to produce and do not decompose in the landfill - We replant trees each year - The trees at the TreeLand provide daily oxygen for about 50 people - They prevent erosion - Provide habitat for wildlife.