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Rhonda & Chris’ TreeLand


2054 Beech Log Rd • Watertown, TN 37184

Site Name

Rhonda & Chris’ TreeLand


You Choose & Cut Christmas Trees



The Experience

The Experience

Real Christmas trees are environmentally friendly. Ours produce daily oxygen for about fifty people as well as prevent erosion and provide habitat for wildlife.

Virginia Pines grow well here, have sturdy branches that support heavy ornaments and fill your home with the fragrance of Christmas. With proper care, our trees stay fresh and fragrant throughout the holidays.

A friendly TreeLander will give you a hand saw and a "tree wheeler" to haul your tree. Strong young men will shake and bag your tree then help you tie it on top of your vehicle.

Choose from over 500 Virginia Pine Christmas trees.

Height Price
< 6' to 7'   Virginia & White Pine $65
7' to 8'      Virginia & White Pine $75
8' to 9'      Virginia Pine $85
9' to 10'    Virginia Pine $95
10' to 14'  Virginia Pine $120
14' to 20'  Virginia Pine $130
< 6' to 8'   Colorado Blue Spruce (limited stock)    $130

We accept checks, major credit cards, and cash.

Looking for more?
The TreeLand is open and available for free to schools, churches, photographers, and families.

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